Our Story

We at Mintdrops Believe that
Changing the World is Possible.

The mouth and oral health of 7 billion people across the world are important supporting elements of our own resistance to virus and disease. Therefore, in the products we use for oral care, we expect the formula to consist of natural ingredients, to comply with hygienic conditions of use, and to meet our requirements in the content and amount needed. Can the traditional oral and dental health products we currently use meet these needs?

Our Sustainable Story

We care not only for human health, but also for the health of all living creatures. We stand against anything that threatens the life of living things. When we look at the studies of scientists showing the negative effects of plastic waste and water consumption on the life of living things; It is estimated that approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste is released into the seas every year. The average extinction time of a plastic bottle thrown into nature is 400 years. According to the estimates of the OceanCleanUp, the amount of plastic waste in the seas will reach 250 million tons in 10 years and by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the seas.

We are the keepers of the future.

In order to reflect the naturalness of our chemistry on your smile, we support sustainable life by getting along well with nature, which is our best laboratory environment. Contrary to traditional toothpaste and brushing methods, we are starting a different era with new generation dental care products. Stay tuned!

Today, 2.1 billion people do not have safe drinking and potable water in their homes, more than 1.8 billion people consume water that has not undergone any disinfection process. 1.2 billion people live in danger of extreme rains, floods and droughts due to global climate change. It is estimated that the demand for fresh water will increase by 30% by 2050.

Our story began with these thoughts. Considering the devastating effect of plastic waste and excess water consumption on living things, as Mintdrops, we have adopted the basic principle of offering nature-friendly products, considering not only oral health, but also nature and the future of all living things in it.

With the cooperation of Giosum Healthcare and their scientists who are experts in their fields, we have formulated the most natural and highest quality products for oral health as a result of years of research, taking into account all these sensitivities.

Our Mission is to make environmentally-sustainable products easily accessible to the consumer of today. To create an awareness about conscious consumption and environment-positive products. To be a growth platform for artists, artisans and small businesses who make environmentally-sustainable products & to plant & maintain a million trees while we run a sustainable business.

Portable and

Toothpaste tabs are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry during travel or on-the-go.


Recyclable packaging, reducing plastic waste compared to traditional toothpaste tubes.


Toothpaste tablets provide a pre-measured amount of toothpaste, ensuring you use the correct amount each time.