Frequently asked questions.

1Are there harmful chemicals in the formula of the products?

Mintdrops is a line of all-natural cosmetics for oral and oral heath that have been acquired from the perfect natural ingredients for regulated hygiene and purity demands. We focus on procuring our raw materials from business leaders in the Indian cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

2Which product should we choose for teeth whitening?

Our products significantly benefit gums and teeth. We can also recommend our Charcoal-based product as a whitening option.

3What distinguishes the toothpaste tablet from traditional toothpaste?

All Mintdrops products are obtained from completely natural products and have been developed by prioritizing the environment and human health. It is kept in a glass bottle and is environmentally friendly with its completely biodegradable packaging. It provides the same and required amount of mouth cleaning in every use.

4Are toothpaste tablets suitable for use by children?

We can use all the products from T-Brush on our children aged 6 and above. Among our products obtained from organic essences, we recommend the strawberry flavor.

5Is it okay to use during pregnancy?

Since all of our products have formulations made of natural ingredients, you can easily use them during pregnancy.

6Does your products contain gluten?

No, none of our products contain gluten. Anyone who is sensitive to gluten-containing products can easily use Mintdrops products.

7Is there any use of plastic in the packaging and packaging of the products?

All of our products are prepared as sensitive to the environment and human health. We keep our products in glass bottles and metal caps. At the same time, we use recycled materials both in our packaging and in our shipments.